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Why I HATE McAfee and Norton Antivirus Software Print E-mail
Monday, 04 June 2007
I just don't get it. Year after year, these companies provide us with the same bloated software and year after year OEM computer makers and uneducated consumers continue to buy the crap. I will go on record again...McAfee Antivirus Software and Norton Antivirus Software is among the WORST things you could do to a computer.

Going into further detail, I'd like to state that it is their consumer-level and home-level software that sucks. Norton's corporate and managed antivirus solutions work well. Reasons why Norton and McAfee both suck at protecting your computer.

1) SLOW - I didn't buy a computer so that I could spend more time typing and printing than I could on a type-writer. These two antivirus giants are notorious for making my computer take forever to start up, take forever to download my email, and also make general computing so much slower. What really bugs me even more is that a free solution like FREE AVG Antivirus from Grisoft can be so much more efficient and secure as Norton and McAfee. For $50 a year, the software better be able to protect me from all viruses and not allow my computer to be infected to the point where I have to spend $150 for a computer technician to get it off. Sadly, this isn't the story for most people.

2) PRICE - I hate paying for things and so does everyone else. For $50, you better have more features and be easier to use than all other alternatives. So far, McAfee and Norton haven't even come close. I'm tired of their cute, but clunky menus and windows. I'm tired of having to click through a ton of different windows to disable features as well as to tell Windows security alerts to leave me alone.

3) BRANDING - I'm tired of Norton and McAfee trying to take over my entire computer with aggressive brand names, logos, and banners over everything in their software. I hate big splash screens at startup, during configuring, and uninstalling. Stop trying to sell me your crap! Thanks to your great brand recognition, I now know who exactly to avoid and what brand logos to avoid.

4) SECURITY - Norton and McAfee themselves are not secure from viruses. I can't count how many client machines I've seen with disabled or corrupted versions of Norton Antivirus or McAfee antivirus failing to protect the end user. If you're making anti-virus software, your program better be bulletproof against viruses...period!

5) DUMB SOFTWARE - Norton and McAfee's software is unable to think for the client. Most of their firewall and spyware solutions are full of crap. There should be a database of the most obvious software and signature to act on behalf of people automatically. Nobody wants porn spyware installed on their computer and Norton and McAfee's software should be able to immediately block it without sending the user an annoying and confusing disable/grant permission window. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software is supposed to be able to think for people. Sending people a pop-up window with a generic company name is not going to help the average user decide what they want to allow or not.
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written by koff, June 08, 2007

Agreed 100%. These anti-virus solutions may work at the corporate level, however they provide little protection to individual users while eating up a lot of processing speed and power. Also, they come with annoying pop-ups and useless add-ons that encroach on your PC experience.

In the 5 years that I used Norton anti-virus, I had more viruses found on my computer that Norton was unable to repair, destroy, or sometimes even quarantine the infected files. Also, the newer versions continued to lag my system and added useless junk to the task files that could not be terminated without terminating the main nav program. In the 3 years of using free software such as avg free, avg has been able to find and eliminate all attacks and infections on my computer and it uses up very little of the processing speed.

Also, norton updates usually only once a week (the virus definitions) while these free software seem to have daily updates. This means that your system is up to date on all potential attacks all the time rather than once a week.

re: koff
written by Agent Rado, June 08, 2007

I totally agree. AVG gets new virus definitions so much sooner!

written by null, June 30, 2007

So, what you recommend for a big network

I'd recommend AVG of course
written by Agent Rado, July 01, 2007

Power security with no bloatware. Check out the link below for their centrally-managed security solutions for networks!

Hold the Phone
written by reno911, August 31, 2007

I do agree that the versions of norton and mcafee that come standard on a new PC really such, however; i recently purchase Norton System Works 2007 professional for my PC. I was able to find and remove 4 types of spyware AVG missed and fixed over 50 regisrty errors. If you want the ultimate PC protection, i recommend having Norton System Works 07 Pro, Mcafee 2007 10in1 Pro, and AVG Pro. With this combo, its impossible to get infected.

WOW reno!
written by Agent Rado, September 01, 2007

3 suites at once?! I think if you're going to pay for computer security, Kaspersky is the best out there and also doesn't slow your system down.

Mcafee are a con
written by Anthony Bailey, October 06, 2007

I went to update my mcafee internet suite through the software that loads up onto the pc when you boot it up and it said it would cost £39.95 with a £10 discount which they were very kindly giving me. i then just went on-line normally to the mcafee site and found exactly the same software with a discount of £16.50. Thinking I'd found myself a bargain I bought it but found I was unable to download the updates. So I went back to the original screen where I bought it from and there was another pop up giving a further 10% discount taking it down to £30 odd. Still can't download the new updates. Mcafee are a bunch of money grabbing pirates.

I have to agree with all of this!
written by null, May 05, 2008

Like William Gates @ MS. McAfee has become the biggest crooks in history.

Not that I mind spending all my extra time waiting for computer to catch up
written by Reid, May 14, 2008

Not that I mind spending all my extra time waiting for computer to catch up...ha ha, but I thought the idea was to make things easier. So I bought into all this garbage about virus protection like so many millions of other sheep. So now that it's on my computer and trying to run a business, write a letter, look at a stupid website, or even play a dang its like waiting for molasses in what should I do? because I want to punch my monitor and throw my computer in the garbage...I wish that there were some honesty in those well-intentioned corporate whores out there. Could someone tell me what to do now that McAfee has virtually stopped all my forward momentum?

Mcaffe really is a con!!
written by none of your business, July 06, 2008

OK so we all know DELL puts Mcafee on their computers right? Well, when my "subscription expired" (odd, I don't remember buying it...), I decided to renew it... didn't know AVG existed. So I go to renew it, they give me also some discount. So it says on the website that this is going to be a one-time payment for a full year. Okay, that's fine, and everything goes perfectly, until I get my credit card bill 2 months later and find out they're charging me the price they said would be one-time EVERY MONTH

McAfee Sucks
written by Ben, July 30, 2008

I switched from AVG to McAfee, apperently it's better, but that was the WORST decision I had ever made. It thinks it can just take over my computer with its crappy "virus protection", even though with it i've had more problems than ever before. It sticks it's stupid ugly "tool"bar everywhere which is impossible to get rid of and put around 80% of my e-mails in it's stupid "spam" folder. When I turned the spam protection off, it still moans at me with its stupid popups. I can't change any of its crappy selection of so called "options" how I want them without it taking control and changing them back. Then it has a go at me for "not being secure blah blah blah...". I know more about security than you money-hungry freaks. GTFO my computer.

written by Khaki Scott, October 05, 2008

How can people BE so stupid? I would hate to know that I didn't have sense enough to recognize a snake when I see one... and I SURE have sense enough not to bring it in my house and sit it in my lap while I surf the net!!! McAfee and Norton's management and sales force ought to be in JAIL!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes!
written by Pam, January 11, 2009

McAfee's software is invasive and absolutely crap. When it's downloading updates, my machine slows to a crawl. No software should be able to do that. As far as price is concerned, both McAfee and Norton are rip offs. Every year they charge more and more for updates and they went so far as to charge my account without my knowledge. When I called them, they said I hadn't opted out, so they were charging me because I hadn't told them not too...WHAT!. I hate nothing more than to be held hostage by a software company who should be concerned with protecting not profit.

written by Upset Consumer, February 04, 2009

This expensive shit sucks

written by Janis Tabor, April 05, 2009

I hate everything about McAfee and don't mind throwing myself on the mercy of the Internet to admit it! Stupid pop-up reminders are CONSTANT, behavior in my Outlook totally inconsistent, and I have to renew for 3 w/o credit for the other 2 on our network. ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Who are these idiots? Besides me, for renewing. I hate myself...

Agreed 100%
written by Matthew, August 05, 2009

I agree totally with what has been said. I have wasted a lot of money unfortunately on Norton and Mcafee - the result was that I slowed my PC and that it got infected ANYWAY. I am not talking about a mediocre 5 year old PC - it is a brand new Quad Core with 2Gb of Ram - I simply had to reformat the PC in order to get it working. Other problems with these 2 dumb behemoths is that they simply do NOT detect all infections, and that they become corrupted easily when an infection sets in your PC.

What bugs me the most is that Shareware such as Malwarebytes do the job amazingly well (and the results are far superior to Mcafee/Norton can dream of), and they do it for free. The program impressed me so much that I decided to buy to full version for just 19Euro - McAfee and Norton: this is the lesson you need to learn.

I hate McAfee and Norton too...
written by sheep, December 09, 2009

I bought this netbook secondhand and McAfee was already installed on it. I installed AVG and only uninstalled part of McAfee. Well for every click I had to wait about 10 minutes for something to happen. That is SLOW. So I've just unistalled all of it and wahay problem solved. The guy at Cash Converter did advise me to uninstall it as it would make my netbook run slow; I guess I should have taken his advise earlier. What makes me laugh is that years ago (aroundn 2001) our work comuter (just the one) got a virus and the Finance/Office Worker in charge of office stuff assured us that since then she had downloaded McAfee. (Was it free then? Now people are actually PAYING for it?). Left that organisation but they deserved McAfee.
Got a virus through Norton once too. Death to McAfee and Norton. Long live AVG. (Kaspersky good too)>

It's true
written by Tim, December 20, 2009

I just got rid of mcafee and my computer started right up , I got online right away ,and my e-mail
works fast. I always heard rumors about how bad mcafee slowed down your computer ,and guess what ,it's true. By the way I was sure getting sick and tired of mcafee always wanting to update every hour or two.

Just can't get them out of my life!
written by Downtown Al, December 30, 2009

Totally agreed on all fronts. One problem I had, (after being the aforementioned idiot I can be from time-to-time) paid for McAfee software from their website. After being assured that they would not renew (I checked the provided box) and that they would not keep my credit card number, I paid for this privilege with my credit card (see: aforementioned idiot). One year later I saw a charge on my credit card for over a $100 US paid to McAfee for a renewal (they used a different word that I can’t remember right now but it was an attempt to skirt the aforementioned “Do not renew” box) that I did not authorize. They lied about keeping my credit card number as well, renewed me at nearly twice the price that I could have bought the same program for at Staples - without my authorization. I called McAfee and got some poor girl at the call center, tore a side or two off her, I think she was nearly in tears (I was really angry at the time though) and she put through a credit (yes I checked my card on line the next day and it was there).But did I believe they wouldn't do it again and again - not a bloody chance! I contacted my credit card company and complained about this unauthorized use and they told me they have had many complaints about McAfee. They assured me that MacAfee would be flaggedon my account and that they would not allow and further charges to go through from MacAfee. That happened about a year ago but the reason I’m bitching about this now is that I just downloaded an add on from the Weather Network to my task bar. It works well, but McAfee hitched a ride with it even though I checked the “Do not install” button. After being harassed by these guys about buying their software I uninstalled it from my control panel. Problem solved? Not a bloody chance. Their god damned logo is stuck on my desk top and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I hate these jerks more than MS itself. Watch out folks, these guys are total crooks and liars.

written by Lou Bierman, December 30, 2009

Mcafee - how could they possible have the gull to charge for such a piece of crap. An invasive monster that does nothing except slow my computer with arrogant stupid popups. You guys are right on. I have comcast and of course as you know Mcafee is a free download. Stupid me did it and i know better, and uninstalling is quite a task also. How anyone can buy this product is beyond me.... I have AVG and super antispyware and have never had a problem and they are not invasive creatures like Mcafee and Norton. God bless the freebies.

written by val, January 03, 2010

evrey website i go to it pops up

Mcafee worse than a virus
written by Andrea, January 14, 2010

Mcafee came already installed in my computer and I've been dealing with its intrusive behavior for way too long. It got corrupted or something and I had to uninstall and reinstall 3 times. The last time I did this I changed the settings to get rid of some of the size of this monster. I set it to allow me to control when I get the updates and when the reminder box popped up I clicked to do it later. Then I would do it manually. This last time, I said what the heck and allowed it to update and clicked"OK". Well, big mistake. It started to download, slowed my computer down to a crawl and went nowhere fast. I read the writing on the wall and realized that something was screwed up once again. When I attempted to disable the download it would not let me. Just when I thought I got rid of the little annoying revoving red circle, it popped up again. That was the final straw! I uninstalled for the very last time. I downloaded AVG and so far so good. I can absolutwely see the difference in speed of my computer. It might be too soon to tell if this is the one that I'll stay with, but I will NEVER have Mcafee in my computer again! Good riddance to it and I'll repeat what another person said..."Mcafee is worse than getting a virus. Keep it far away from your computer.

written by david, February 17, 2010

I got Mcafee free with my computer too! when I switch my computer on I have to wait for about ten minutes while the bloody thing updates, dowloads, checks, makes tea, does its shopping, etc while I chase it round my computer telling it to stop. The only thing holding me back is that I get it for free! But I also thing that Mcafee is taking chunks out of my system thinking its a virus or something when I do a virus scan! anyone else had this problem?

written by Alex, March 28, 2010

You cannot imagine HOW I HATE MCAFEE. They are completely fraudulent business, ripping of the customers in a whole world. Their software is too slow, complicated, annoying, hard to remove, EXPENSIVE, threating to the users and anyway it does not provide a full protection against the most fresh threats. I HATE THIS CRAP. They use a dirty marketing techniques like pre-installing their crap on laptops sold, and then making it hard to remove and threating the user that they are "UNPROTECTED". I know that they were also charging the customer's credit card (together with Norton) yearly without customers agreement, many customers were complaining about that.

Their MCAfee Site Advisor Crap is a total bullshit, the ratings are based on a post by paranoid idiots, online bots from mcafee and are updated ONCE A SEVERAL YEARS!! Also MCafee sells their ratings even to spyware websites just for some hundreds per year.

i hate avast
written by null, April 13, 2010

anyone ever seen avast. if you have it is worst then any virus orotection out there. when i tried to uninstall it it said error. THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS. one time i scanned my pc for viruses (i knew it had a few) and i said "no virus found". all these antivirus are frauds people. the world is full of lies which all breaks down. and this my friends is one of the fucking bullshit asshole mother fucking lies.

Go with Linux and Ubuntu or get a Mac.
written by Frank Androski, June 21, 2010

I had it with Windows. Period. I have switched to using a Mac and on PC hardware I have installed Linux (Ubuntu). No more viruses or running scans wasting my time. I have also downloaded Open Office ( which is also free and a replacement for Microsoft Office. It's insane that the public continues to support a company which can't provide a good operating system year, after year, after year...enough!!! GOODBYE MICROSOFT!!!

Agreed wholeheartedly!
written by Draig, August 28, 2010

Actually came across this while looking for a place to rant about the fact Mcaffee likes to now give away their CRAP with other software. Even though I did not see anything about 'Would you like to..' TWICE now Adobe download manager has insisted on sneaking Mcaffee into my system. Thanks a lot Adobe, Like I didn't have enough reason to dislike your download manager..

Emmunize Is A Great Choice!
written by Alan, October 10, 2010

I've kicked Norton and McAfee to the curb. They are reactive. I needed something proactive that doesn't slow down my system. I've been using Emmunize for months now. Best product I have ever had! It runs off the cloud so it doesn't slow down my computer. I highly recommend it. You can get more information here:

any advice on how to 86 mcafee from my netbook before they charge me 4 another year?
written by tom s., December 02, 2010

If I (somehow) manage to uninstall mcafee programs before my subscription is up,will that help prevent them from billing me for another year? I went to their website to make sure the auto-renew was disingaged (and yes they took it upon themselves to decide for me) BUT I don't trust them to acknowledge that I don't want their crap any more. I have til 1-29-11 before they strike. any tricks on how to most easily remove their programs forever? P.S. did not know the mcafee was what was glaciating my lap top. Now I really feel like a sucker! FUCKING DESPISE MCAFEE!!! I hope the Taliban invade their corporate headquarters!! (which is probably 2 klicks from Bangalore)

Mcafee code was written by Himmler
written by tom s., December 02, 2010

Hey-never mind about my last post about removing Mac-curry. went to youtube and found a bunch of instructionals there. took care of the files in a snap. thanks anyway folks

written by Holly, April 25, 2011

I absolutely hate McAfee. I had norton previously which was not good, but McAfee is an absolute nightmare. I love to play zuma blitz online and it slows down my computer so much that I can't play it at all. I go onto the task manager and manually shut it down as well as clicking on it to turn it first it says "off", then about time for my game to start it slows everything down and asks "do you want this turned on in 15 min, 30 min...", so I click "when I restart", but the MF comes back on within about 5 minutes. Half the time it doesn't show it's scanning but it is. It's not on my task manager list but I will look at the running programs and there it is, started itself back up again...over and over. You can't stop it and I absolutely hate it!

written by gertrude chasens, May 03, 2011

Trying to reach, every time I finish "log in", YOU come on giving me two choices both of which get me back to doing the "log in" page again. I didn't ask for you. Why do you butt in and keep me from getting onto Morningstar? I don't even know how to cancel your "services".

McAfee is driving me mental!
written by Amy, June 08, 2011

Argh, ever since McAfee was thrown onto my computer it has been driving me insane. I've put my laptop on about an hour ago, and it's still downloading 'updates' and it's at 0%!
It slows everything down, and when I do a full scan, I have to keep it on an entire night before it's even finished. 10 hours! It's a piece of junk that is not worth any amount of time or money. It makes me want to throw my laptop at the wall!

norton and mcafee are in themselves virus and spyware producers
written by hater, July 25, 2011

I have alwayse had a feeling that these anti-virus companies are actualy the ones sending out the viruses and spyware.

written by B T French, November 09, 2011

I have had Norton security for many years not very happy with it I decided to go to B T internet broadband infinity to get more speed I changed to Mcafee total security Well I sure wished I had never heard of them my computer is a mes its slow takes ages to start up and runs like crap I have had all sorts of tests done lots of scans defragmented etc etc etc my P co is now almost a write off Mcafee say there is nothing wrong B T say nothing wrong their end My computer is new this has been re tested and is ok I run windows 7
I am in agony over my P C and feel like chucking it out of window it is so frustrating they all charge you lots of money but the services are crap



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Totally accurate.. and only half the story!!
written by Modage, February 14, 2013

I've worked in IT for over 30yrs, and used to use McAfee and swear by it. Never really took to Norton at the PC level, as right from the beginning (and continuing to this day) Norton is the one antivirus that you can rely on, will be installed on machines that come into me totally infested with Viruses and Malware: So I'm convinced Norton is nothing more than a Marketing stunt to fool unknowing consumers. McAfee on the other hand, have gone the way of Norton by having some good product in the Higher end space for business's, but on the ground level, they are another Norton: Only there to make money and tell you that your PC is secure (even if it's pretty infested!). And worst of all both these companies install their products on client pc's WITHOUT the users consent (and often without their knowledge: Hence both are VIRUSES and NOT Anti-virus software!. The whole AntiVirus market has become a haven of software security co's operating in the Spyware business to gain market intelligence (but I won't go there on this post!!)

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written by P.O., August 26, 2015

I did the same as most..switched from AVG to McAfee...OMG And I even paid to do this!! Dumbest thing I have ever done! Now its 80 bucks down the drain! I blame Office Max, They talked me into getting this POS! Now My computer is soooo slow, locks up on me several times while I am trying to do something. Don't know what I can do about it. There should be a law!

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